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Keep ahold of your results

Shooting Data is a digital platform dedicated to clay target shooting enthusiasts. With Shooting Data you can automatically collect your shooting data within an app and analyze them in a simple and intuitive way to better understand where to improve.

Are you a Shooter?

With Shooting Data you can automatically collect your shooting data and analyze it in a simple and intuitive way directly in the app with the Performance Assistant, with your coach or through a Doctor Shooting course. Data is a very powerful resource to improve your performance and find your +1 target.

Are you a Coach?

Boost your training with Shooting Data and enhance your expertise by seizing digital opportunities! Follow the training of your shooters remotely, send advice directly through the app and participate in the Doctor Shooting training program.

Do you have a shooting range?

With Shooting Data you can offer an innovative service to shooters and coaches and make your field an avantgarde technological training center. Improve the experience of your clients through a professional performance training tool, developed by the best international shooters and coaches. To find out more contact the Shooting Data team at

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