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Shooting Data is the definitive APP for shooters around the world, developed with the expertise and experience of Beretta, the most long-lasting company in shooting sports industry. This app was created with the goal of transforming the way shooters, coaches and range owners approach shooting sports introducing digital innovation right into the palm of your hands.

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Designed & Developed for Shooters, by Shooters

Optimize Your Training

Shooting Data offers clay shooting enthusiasts a powerful platform to efficiently and effectively collect and analyze their shooting data. Here’s how users can fully utilize this app to improve their shooting skills:

In summary, Shooting Data is an essential companion for shooters of all levels, offering a simple and effective way to collect, analyze, and improve shooting skills. This app is an innovative tool for precision and performance, enabling users to reach unprecedented levels.


Designed for Coaches

Optimize Your Shooter's Training from Distance with Shooting Data

Experienced coaches know the importance of constant monitoring and personalized guidance to help their shooters achieve high-level performance. Coaches can elevate their coaching to the next level, providing effective remote support and enhancing the training experience for their athletes. Here’s how they can do it:

Shooting Data allows coaches to have valuable information in their hands, maintaining control over various situations, so that both coach and coachee can focus on their respective roles.
In conclusion, Shooting Data is an invaluable resource for coaches who wish to remotely follow their shooters. This app not only simplifies data collection but also offers advanced analysis tools and the ability to provide instant feedback, allowing coaches to maximize their shooters potential and guide them towards success.

Shooting Ranges

Designed for Shooting Ranges

Transform Your Shooting Range into a Modern Training Center with Shooting Data

Shooting range owners are constantly looking for ways to enhance their clients experience and attract new shooters and coaches. Shooting Data offers an innovative solution to achieve these goals, transforming your shooting range into a modern and technological training center. Here’s how you can leverage this app to offer cutting-edge service:

In summary, Shooting Data offers shooting range owners a CRM to enhance the client experience, attract new shooters and coaches, and stand out as a state-of-the-art shooting destination. The technological innovation provides benefits for both the range and its clients, creating a more modern and tech-savvy training environment to improve shooting performance.

National Clay Shooting Sports Federations

Elevate Your Clay Shooting to a New Level with Shooting Data!

Shooting Data is here to collaborate and bring technological innovation to our sport. This cutting-edge app allows for unprecedented data collection and shooting data analysis tools, providing a more comprehensive view of national activities.
Do you aspire to improve your athletes training conditions and monitor their performance more accurately?
Do you want to propose new national policies for the development of the sport?
Do you need to better understand the operation of each shooting range to design a more aligned competition schedule?

Shooting Data can provide the solution.
Contact us today at and discover how we can help you take shooting sports to the next level!

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Frequently Asked Questions and Their Answers

What is Shooting Data?

Shooting Data is an innovative app that allows shooters to collect, record, and analyze their shooting data. The collected data is made available with various advanced features to study and share shooting data, analyze it in detail with statistics, and receive feedback from coaches or teammates.

With Shooting Data, you can record a wide range of data from both the clay targets and yourself. You can automatically collect target directions, reaction times, date, location, and more. You can also manually enter technical specifications for your shotgun, cartridges, and other items you use while shooting. This data provides a comprehensive overview of your shooting performance.

Yes, for both iOS and Android, and it’s 100% free! Shooting Data is available for free download on the App Store for iOS devices and on Google Play for Android devices. It is compatible with most modern smartphones.

For technical assistance or questions about the app, you can contact our support team at We are here to help!

Shooting Data is the only app with IoT integration, meaning data collection is done automatically without manual entries. You simply register on the range with the SD-TAG and start shooting. The development care by Beretta ensures a completely normal shooting experience, allowing you to maintain focus where it matters: on the target.

Absolutely! Shooting Data is designed for use by both individual shooters and in collaboration with coaches, whether you are a beginner or a professional. You can benefit from the app even without a personal coach. Naturally, the collected data can be best utilized with the insights of an expert in the discipline.

No, Shooting Data is useful for a variety of disciplines: Olympic Trap, FITAV Trap, Universal Trap, Olympic Skeet, and Compak Sporting (FITASC) for now, but we always aim to expand the service to other disciplines.

Download the free app from your preferred store, create an account, and follow the instructions to register and add the SD tag that you can purchase at the office. Preferably use a common email address (e.g.,,, etc.).

With “Doctor Shooting,” you will have access to the best and most experienced clay shooting coaches in the world. You can interact and learn advanced strategies to improve your resources when on the range, both in training and competition.

Currently, Shooting Data is available in Italian and English. However, we are working to make the app accessible in other languages to serve a broader community of shooters.